Remarks by President Trump in a Cabinet Meeting (Excerpts)

October 16, 2017

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, thank you very much. And today, we're here to discuss at the Cabinet meeting critical domestic policy issues. I'd like to basically provide you with an update as to how we're doing for the American people, and we're doing a lot of great things.


You know we have the Iran Deal that right now is being studied, and I think a lot of people agreed with what I did. I feel strongly about what I did. I'm tired of being taken advantage of as a nation. This nation has been taken advantage of for many, many years -- for many decades, frankly -- and I'm tired of watching it.

But the Iran Deal was something that I felt had to be done, and we'll see what phase two is. Phase two might be positive, and it might be very negative. It might be a total termination. That's a very real possibility; some would say that's a greater possibility. But it could also could turn out to be very positive. We'll see what happens.

I thought the tone of the Iranian leaders was very modified, and I was happy to see that, but I don't know if that means anything. They're great negotiators. They negotiated a phenomenal deal for themselves but a horrible deal for the United States, and we're going to see what happens.