Criminal Complaint Charging Amin Hasanzadeh

October 31, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Military

Affadavit in Support of a Criminal Complaint

I, Richard W. Foran, a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), being duly sworn, despose and state:


3. I make this affidavit in support of an application for a criminal complaint and arrest warrant charging Amin HASANZADEH (hereinafter "HASANZADEH"), an Iranian born citizen who now resides in Michigan and has Lawful Permanent Resident status in the United States with the follow offenses:

a. 18 U.S. §§ 2314 and 371 interstate transporation of stolen property (including conspiracy) and;

b. 18 U.S. § 1546 fraud and misuse of visas, permits and other documents

4. There is probable cause to conclude that HASANZADEH, between in or about January 2015 and in or about June 2016, within the Eastern District of Michigan and elsewhere, knowingly and willfully stole confidential documents and technical data from his employer, Victim Company A (a company with offices in the Eastern District of Michigan) and thereafter emailed those documents to multiple individuals, including his brother, Sina Hassanzadeh, in Iran, using the Internet (across state or U.S. boundary lines).