Transcript of Sentencing Proceedings, United States of America v. Behrooz Behroozian

October 24, 2019

THE COURT: Good morning, counsel.

MR. SQUIRES: Good morning Your Honor.

MR. BURKE: Good morning, Your Honor.

THE COURT: I apologize for being a little wobbly this morning. I injured my knee several weeks ago, and this is my first -- well, I guess maybe the second day I've been off crutches, so getting better every day. The Court will recognize Assistant United States Attorney Douglas Squires. Good morning, Mr. Squires.

MR. SQUIRES: Good morning, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Does the government have a case to present to the Court this morning?

MR. SQUIRES: We do, Your Honor. We're here for a sentencing. On September 28th of 2016, Behrooz Behroozian entered a plea of guilty to a one-count, single count Information charging him with a violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act for violating embargo and trade sanctions with Iran in violation of Title 50 Section 1705 and the Code of Federal Regulations 31 560.203 and 560.204.