Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Bot on the Ongoing Negotiations with Iran

European Union Presidency
November 2, 2004

After a meeting of the EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Minister Bot commented on Iran during a press conference.

- The Board of Governors of the IAEA will meet on 25 November and in the run-up to the meeting the EU3 and Iran have negotiated. For the EU, it is about a package deal: stimulation measures on the one hand, and sanctions on the other hand, to persuade Iran to show flexibility.

- The objective is for Iran to suspend the enrichment and processing of uranium, which is to be verified by the IAEA. Failure to cooperate with the IAEA and the refusal to switch to a policy of suspension shall lead to the matter being referred to the Security Council of the United Nations.

- The suspension must be confirmed by the IAEA.

- On 25 November the IAEA decides whether and the extent to which Iran has fulfilled the conditions and whether there is cause to refer the matter to the Security Council. Then the initial goal will be to support the IAEA (through the Security Council) in order to achieve in Iran what must be achieved.