European Parliament "Calls on Iran to Restore the Transparency of its Nuclear Programme"

European Parliament Press Service
January 31, 2008

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

In a resolution adopted in plenary, MEPs regret that Iran "has still not complied with its international obligations to suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities." The House also expresses its deep concern about a whole range of human rights issues in the country.

MEPs welcome "the agreement reached [...] in Berlin on 22 January 2008 on a new draft resolution on Iran which foresees further measures and the fact that the international community maintains a common approach to the issue." They call on "the US Administration and all other actors involved to renounce all rhetoric on military options and regime change policies against Iran," and call on the US to "participate directly in negotiations with Iran along with the EU."

Human Rights

The EP "expresses its deep concern over the deterioration of the human rights situation in Iran." It "strongly condemns the death sentences and executions in Iran, in particular those imposed and/or carried out on juvenile offenders and minors," and is "deeply concerned about the dramatic increase in the repression of civil-society movements." The House in particular "protests vehemently the execution of Zamal Bawi," who was executed just a few hours before the vote.

The House "strongly condemns the current disrespect for minority rights," and "condemns the repression against political opponents, human rights defenders, journalists, web loggers, teachers, intellectuals, women, students, trade unionists, and persons belonging to religious, ethnic, linguistic or other minorities."

EU-Iran Relations

MEPs underline that "the possible future conclusion of a Cooperation and Trade Agreement between Iran and the EU depends on a substantial improvement in Iran's human rights situation as well as on Iran's full cooperation with the IAEA."