Remarks by Director General Mohamed ElBaradei & Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Dr. Hassan Rohani

November 8, 2003

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Dr. ElBaradei: Dr. Rohani and I today had a very fruitful meeting. We reviewed progress so far in implemention of safeguards in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I told Dr. Rohani that our report will be issued to the Board in the next few days. That obviously will be a factual and comprehensive report of what we have seen and will take into account the new policies taken by Iran for full disclosure. We will also say that we have taken many measures but we also have to be done. But I think that is important for you to note that Dr. Rohani told me that next week we will get the letter by Iran for the conclusion of the Additional Protocol which is a positive step. I also was told by Dr. Rohani that next week we will get again a letter indicating Iran agreement to suspend all enrichment related activities and reprocessing activities which is also, as a confidence building measure, which is also quite a positive step. So I think we are moving together to try resolve all remaining issues through cooperation, through verification and hopefully at the November Board we will be able to move the whole issue of implementation of safeguards in Iran forward.

Dr. Rohani: We had an excellent meeting with Dr. ElBaradei and his colleagues. We reviewed the report of the Director General and the requirements therein from Iran. Our conclusion was that all remaining questions have been answered by Iran. We concluded that when Iran submitted its dossier it has completely disclosed its past activities, proactively cooperating with the Agency. I also informed the Director General that Iran will fullfill the content of the statement in Tehran which we agreed with the three Ministers from European Countries, including the letter of intention for the additional protocol and the question of suspension of enrichment. In our discussion, I underlined two main issues: We underlined the fact that like any other signatorary to the NPT, Iran should also be able to enjoy peaceful use of nuclear technology. The second basic point that we underlined was the fact that Iran is determined to make sure that the international community is assured of the peaceful nature of its programme. I also stressed that in the new circumstances, in the new environment of cooperation, it is neccessary for the Agency to act on the basis of Article 2 of its Statute and provide techical assistance for Iran.