Statement by Iranian Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Reza Aghazadeh, at the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference

September 17, 2007

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Iran's Vice-President and head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Reza Aghazadeh delivered a statement to the Fifty-First Regular Session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday.

The following is the full-text of the statement:
"In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
"Mr. President,
"I am very pleased to participate on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Fifty-first regular Session of the IAEA General Conference. I would like to congratulate you for the assumption of the Presidency of this conference and wish you and other members of the General Committee all success for the guidance of the discussion. I assure the full cooperation of my delegation with you in leading us to a successful conference. I would also like to appreciate the Director General for his report to the conference.

"Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,
"Today, the IAEA General Conference, as the highest decision- making body on peaceful nuclear activities of the Member States, is the best opportunity for explaining the deprivations and discrimination imposed on the noble and steady Nation of Iran. I would try to elaborate part of 30 years of sufferings and bitterness, experienced by a great nation for resisting different kinds of injustice.

"Prior to the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, necessary studies and researches for producing 23,000 megawatts nuclear electricity carried out by American research and planning nstitutes was put on the agenda. The construction of the 1300-megawatt Bushehr power plant began in that period and the contracts for the construction of two 900-megawatt power plant and the supply of fuel for them were concluded between Iran and France.

"Furthermore, on the basis of a scheduled plan, it was decided that a considerable amount of yellow cake be processed in England and provided to Iran. It meant that a race was started to build nuclear power plants in Iran and the development of an increasingly technical cooperation began and all of these steps described as a move towards meeting the needs of the country's future energy.

"But during the past decades the situation was drastically changed. The cooperation for the completion of Bushehr nuclear power plant was ceased and France refused to continue its activities, obliged in accordance with the agreed contracts, for the
construction of power plants and in spite of Iran's ownership of EURODIF shares, they declined to accept even one Iranian expert to exercise Iran's rights in the said company.

"Moreover, 50 tons of UF6 were confiscated in France and never delivered to its main legal owner, i.e. Iranian nation.

"In the meantime, billions of dollars of purchased equipment, as Iran's national wealth, for furnishing Bushehr power plant were abandoned and ruined in Italian and German ports and the Siemens Company refused to deliver Iran's required fuel for the operation of power plant.

"Besides that, in a broader scope in accordance with European Union decision it was decided to discontinue all cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Of course, all of these restrictions were not limited to us but even some of our friends were put under pressures due to the cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy. Regretfully while Iran as the party to the NPT has been faced with continuous sanctions, the international community is witnessing the discriminatory policy and double standard in the area of nuclear energy for some western countries.

"Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,
"And now after 4 years, since Iranian nuclear issue was brought to the international level, it is evident that certain Western countries are not after the removal of ambiguities over the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program but are following the "Cessation and Deprivation Policy."

"In the past 4 years unilateral pressures against my country through misusing of all kinds of international tools and media have been increased. The Islamic Republic of Iran for providing its goodwill and removing any ambiguity or doubt in this regards, has shown outmost flexibility, taking each and every additional step with the hope that the pretext-seekers move in the direction of cooperation and understanding. However, after a while, it was revealed to all that because of their misbehavior towards Iran's positive steps and their nfriendly approach, our efforts received inappropriate response. In other words their request for the suspension of activities were aimed at the cessation of these activities.

"Unfortunately, I should acknowledge that in spite of our trust and good will, some of the Western countries deviated the Agency's technical and professional path to the unjustified, illegal, deceptive and misleading path. They followed this policy by imposing restrictions and sanctions. Therefore our sincere ooperation with the Agency was followed by the deprivation and injustice behaviors of those countries.

"In order to give more assurances to the international community over our country's goals and intention of nuclear program, we even proposed the establishment of an international consortium for participating in Iran's Uranium enrichment program. But we never received a logical and appropriate response.

"Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,
"Now, in spite of the past bitter experience, the Islamic Republic of Iran once again, with good will aiming at returning nuclear issue to its main, right and legal path, took initiative to put the removal of some ambiguities on its agenda. On this basis Iran agreed with the Agency on Modalities. Unfortunately we are witnessing irrational attacks and confrontation by one country against the will of nternational community and this international organ, instead of its full support for the IAEA.

"We have tried every possible avenue and continue to do so in order to create an atmosphere of dialogue and fruitful negotiations with the West.

"In this part of my statement, I would like to address to some western countries the followings: You have always chosen the "Confrontation path" instead of the path of "understanding and amity" towards the great Nation of Iran and in practice proved that you cannot tolerate the addition of independent states and developing ountries to the on-going caravan of the owners of this modern technology. In different periods of time, you did not have a logical interaction with this great nation with thousands years of civilization. The great nation of Iran has recorded your discriminatory behavior and performance in its memory and will not forget.

"You have already lost three decades of golden opportunity for cooperation and interaction with the Iranian nation and moved away from the path of collaboration and amity with the people of this great country toward the wrong way of confrontation and hostility and this is not something to be unknown by intellectuals and scientists of the West.

"Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,
"It is worth mentioning that after 50 years of confrontation of some western countries over the nationalization of oil industry, considering it as a threat of international peace and security, the Iranian nation has been able to take major steps towards independence, development and advanced technology.

"Now I would like to advise these few countries that the Iranian nation is determined to march in this complicated route with pride.

The Passage of time will prove the truthfulness of Iranian matured nation hopes that these few States shall take lessons from the past and choose the path of cooperation. If this happens, a different circumstance will prevail and challenges at the international arena would be prevented. However, I would like to make use of this chance and once again announce that there is no other way except "logical, honest and rational interaction" with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Walking in this glorious path has become a part of National Entity of Iranians and no country can put an obstacle in the way of will of a great nation. The Iranian nation is determined to continue its move till the highest point of the advancement and national strong point and has no fear of bearing the costs of getting such achievement, and we interpret all of the intimidations for threatening Iran as a weak point of our adversaries.

"Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,
"In conclusion, let me declare that:
"-The Iranian Nation is pursuing the peaceful nuclear technology for its development and prosperity,
"-Iran is seeking nuclear energy to accommodate a part of its energy needs,
"-The Islamic Republic of Iran is always seeking the establishment of the durable peace and stability in the region and world at large, "-The Islamic Republic of Iran has and will perform its nuclear activities in transparent, lawful and responsible manner,
"-The Iranian nation shall never give up its inalienable and legal right in befitting from peaceful nuclear technology, "-The Islamic Republic of Iran has chosen the path of
negotiations, interaction and non-discriminatory long-term cooperation, and hopes that the other parties would also choose this rational and logical way for achieving a comprehensive agreement.

"Thank you for your kind attention."