Remarks on the Iranian Nuclear Issue by UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

February 21, 2007

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  • Nuclear

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  • Iran

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Q: This a question to both the German Foreign Minister and the Secretary-General about the Iranian atomic programme. What do you think about the offer of talks from Iran and today, with the forthcoming deadline? What sanctions are possible?

SG: The Iranian nuclear issue is another very serious concern to the international community. As the Secretary-General of the UN, I also have been trying to be a help in resolving this issue as much as I can. The international community was reasonably encouraged by the recent agreement on the North Korean nuclear issue through the Six-Party Process. We must address this issue as soon as possible. I met the Iranian authorities, including the Foreign Minister, several times and in my capacity as Secretary-General, I had also a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minster. I urged him to continue to resolve this issue through negotiations with the international community, particularly led by the European Union. And this issue is basically in the hands of the Security Council. The Security Council has adopted a sanction measure in December last year. I understand that some members of the Security Council are still trying to discuss this matter on what further measures should be taken by the Security Council [if the] Iranian Government does not fully comply with the Security Council decisions. Again, taking this opportunity, I would strongly urge the Iranian authorities to comply, first of all fully with the Security Council resolution, and continue to negotiate with the international community. Thank you very much.