High Representative Federica Mogherini Delivers Remarks on EU-UN Cooperation to the UN Security Council

May 9, 2017


The nuclear deal with Iran shows the way forward to us, the Europeans. It set a milestone for non-proliferation, making everyone more secure – in the region, in Europe, and in the world. World powers negotiated the deal, but the agreement was immediately ratified by the Security Council and the deal now belongs to the entire international community – not only to us who were in that room in Vienna. And the IAEA has certified five times its implementation.

This is the European way. Enforcing and strengthening the rules of non-proliferation we brought to an end twelve years of confrontation through peaceful dialogue. It is the European way, and it is the United Nations’ way.

A successful deal makes the whole system more credible, because it shows we can collectively deliver on our citizens’ needs.

The best way to preserve and reinforce this credibility, is by making the UN system more effective. So we stand fully behind the Secretary-General's reform agenda, on the Peace and Security pillar, the SDG's implementation, and the UN management reform. This agenda has the potential to make the whole UN family less fragmented, more united and coherent.


Read the full speach at the European External Action Service.