NPT Safeguards Agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran (GOV/2023/58)

November 15, 2023

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  • Nuclear

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A. Introduction

1. This report of the Director General is on the implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran). It also addresses the implementation of the Joint Statement agreed between the Director General and HE Mr Mohammad Eslami, the Vice-President of Iran and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) on 4 March 2023, covering the implementation of Iran’s NPT Safeguards Agreement, the outstanding safeguards issues, further verification and monitoring activities and the spirit of collaboration in interactions between the Agency and Iran.

B. Background

2. The comprehensive evaluation of all safeguards-relevant information available to the Agency is essential in ascertaining that there are no indications of the diversion of declared nuclear material from peaceful nuclear activities, no indications of undeclared production or processing of nuclear material at declared facilities and locations outside facilities (LOFs), and no indications of undeclared nuclear material and activities in a State with a comprehensive safeguards agreement.

3. As a result of its evaluations, the Agency identified in 2019 a number of questions related to possible undeclared nuclear material and nuclear-related activities at four locations in Iran that had not been declared to the Agency and requested responses to these questions from Iran, pursuant to Article 69 of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and Article 4.d. of the Additional Protocol. The Agency also provided Iran with detailed information upon which the Agency had made its requests for clarification.