Mr. Kamalvandi Offers Explanation on Stable Isotopes Project Implementation

December 9, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Related Country: 

  • Russia

Mr. B. Kamalvandi, AEOI spokesman, responding to the inquiries forwarded by the Fars news agency on the ROSATOM recent statement concerning the suspension of the stable isotopes project production in Fordow site stated the following remarks:

Following the Fordow centrifuge activation, on the order issued by the honorable President, for the implementation of JCPOA step 4 commitment reductions, considering the technical difficulties associated with the uranium production and stable isotopes in one hall location, discussions were held with ROSATOM over this issue.

The ROSATOM company, in a technical statement, declared that the possibility for producing stable radio isotopes in Fordow center with the start of uranium enrichment is not feasible, and that, the related conversion application in the center has been suspended.

Mr. Kamalvandi also with regard to the commencing of the Arak heavy water reactor second phase, which was supposed to be performed publicly in the presence of the press, pointed out that:

The presence of the reporters due to the whether unstable conditions and related problem for traveling was cancelled, but the project was performed according to the timetable set.

He further added that, during the previous week, the main cap cover operation for the Arak heavy water reactor, with a 100 tons weight was satisfactory performed. In addition, the building of the fuel feeding machine of the reactor is completed and is ready for testing with virtual fuel.

The reactor's control room is also being rapidly completed.