Statement by Iran to the 47th IAEA General Conference

September 16, 2002

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Last week a resolution was adopted in the Board of Governors on the nuclear program in my country. My delegation objects not only to the resolution but also to the manner in which it was developed and negotiated. The resolution goes beyond the words and spirit of the NPT and the IAEA Statutes, even beyond the provisions of the Additional Protocol, which we are still in the process of negotiating it. My delegation could not have associated itself with such a resolution, which was pushed to a decision through resorting to false attributions to the Secretariat, arms twisting at many capitals, and stone walling the views and amendments of not only 15 members of the NAM, but also those of others including some of the co-sponsors themselves. This is unilateralism at its worst, that is to say, extreme unilateralism posed under a multilateralist cloak. We believe there is more to this resolution that meets the eye at the first glance. There is an agenda behind it that is conceived in escalating tension and chaos to divert attention from serious issues that deal with partisan politics in the United States.