Statement on Confidentiality in the Procurement Working Group and the Joint Commission for matters relating to the Procurement Channel

September 1, 2016

1. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) provides that the Procurement Working Group (PWG), as laid out in Section 6 of Annex IV of the JCPOA, is “subject to the confidentiality procedure of the UN.”

2. Each JCPOA Participant will take the necessary steps, including physical security arrangements as appropriate, in accordance with this Statement and their respective laws and regulations, to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of PWG information in proposals submitted for transfers and activities, as specified in paragraph 2 of Annex B of UNSC resolution 2231 (2015), including the necessary supporting information and any additional information (collectively, “the above-mentioned information”).

3. JCPOA Participants will not take commercial advantage of and will respect proprietary rights associated with the above-mentioned information.

4. The Coordinator will mark as “PWG in Confidence” the transmission of any information submitted to the Joint Commission that is covered by paragraph 2 prior to further transmitting it to JCPOA Participants.

5. Nothing in these general principles limits the extent to which the abovementioned information may be protected under a JCPOA Participant’s laws, regulations, or procedures.