Mullahs' Deal with EU-3

November 15, 2004

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear


National Council of Resistance of Iran

The religious dictatorship ruling Iran announced today that it had concluded a deal with three European governments on the basis of which it will receive a series of political, security-related and technological concessions from European countries in return for a temporary suspension of uranium enrichment. The agreement expresses the "resolve" of the European Union and the mullahs' regime to "fight" terrorism, including the activities of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, according to the clerical regime.

This scandalous deal is tantamount to complicity in the suppression of the Iranian people and opposition. The deal flies in the face of the values that have been upheld over centuries through the sacrifices of millions of Europeans. Accusing Iran's freedom fighters of terrorism in this deal over the mullahs' nuclear project makes a mockery of the campaign against terrorism. It further encourages Iran's ruling mullahs to continue their terrorist atrocities, particularly in Iraq.

The disgraceful deal against the Iranian Resistance is being signed five days after a one-day conference in Paris, in which more than 500 prominent jurists and dozens of members of parliaments and a large number of political personalities from across Europe declared that the terrorist tag on the PMOI was completely unjustified on the basis of international law, International Humanitarian Law, European Union law, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many other international treaties and conventions and was a flagrant violation of the right to defense and the presumption of innocence. They emphasized that the PMOI's legitimate resistance cannot be described as terrorism.

The European side's acceptance of the terms dictated by the terrorist mullahs encourages the theocratic regime to increase the repression and executions in Iran and step up the export of terrorism beyond Iran's borders. It tells the mullahs that the West is not serious in preventing the clerical regime from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Over the past decade, the world has been informed of the dimensions of mullahs' evil nuclear weapons program only through the information revealed by the PMOI. The Iranian Resistance has reliable information showing that even at this moment, when the mullahs are clenching a deal with the European side, the ruling clerics are doing everything to conceal their nuclear programs and sites. Their only objective in conducting talks with European countries and concluding this agreement is to buy enough time to acquire nuclear weapons. Indeed, the deal struck in the wake of the trip to Tehran by the foreign ministers of the EU-3 last year only gave 12 more months to the mullahs to get closer to the nuclear bomb, and the IAEA later confirmed that Tehran never kept its promise to suspend uranium enrichment activities.

When the draft agreement first became public last month, PMOI Secretary General Ms. Mojgan Parsai said the proposed deal showed that the terrorist tag against the PMOI lacked any legal basis from the very beginning and had been a product of political trade-offs and economic contracts. It also showed how fearful the mullahs were of the prospects of being toppled, she said. Ms. Parsai added that the clerical regime was in effect acknowledging that the PMOI is the backbone of the democratic alternative to this regime.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all jurists, human rights advocates, political parties and personalities committed to the cause of democracy and the fight against terrorism to speak out against this scandalous deal that not only victimizes the Iranian people and opposition, but also jeopardizes justice and independence of judiciary and such fundamental values as the right to defense and presumption of innocence in Europe.