Remarks by Alireza Jafarzadeh on New Information on Top Secret Projects of the Iranian Regime’s Nuclear Program

August 14, 2002

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear


National Council of Resistance of Iran

Good day ladies and gentlemen:

What I am going to reveal today, is the result of extensive research and investigation by the Committee of Defense and Strategic Studies of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, with the benefit of Command Headquarters Inside Iran of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, which I am going to share with you.

Although on the surface, regime's main nuclear activitie revolves around Bushehr's nuclear Plant, but in reality many secret nuclear programs are at work without any knowledge of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

One of these top secret projects is Natanz's nuclear facility. Natanz is about 100 miles north of Isfahan. The other one is the Arak's atomic facilities. Arak is a city in central Iran, 150 miles south of Tehran. These two projects have been kept secret until now.

Natanz Top Secret Nuclear Project
1 - This is one of the secret projects of mullahs' Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), which is supervised by the clerical regime's Supreme National Security Council.

2 - In order to prevent any leaks, this project is pursued under the cover of eradicating dessert project. Its installation is located in old Kashan- Natanz Highway across a village called Deh-Zireh located 40 kilometers (25 miles) south east of Kashan. This area is under the authority of Kashan's Governor's Office.

3 - The construction of buildings of this project began two years ago by two construction companies, Jahad-Towseh and Towseh- Sakhteman. The construction of the buildings is scheduled to finish in three months and the installation of technical facilities will subsequently begin.

4 - Mir- Hossein Moussavi, the former Prime Minister, visited this project as the representative of Supreme National Security Council in early August. In order to supervise the progress of the project, Aghazadeh, the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization visits Kashan every month.

5 - A major row broke out between Atomic Energy Organization and Kashan's Governor's Office since information on this project has not been provided to the Governor's Office due to top secret nature of the project. Even the Deputy Governor General of Isfahan Province who had come to pay a visit to the project, was not allowed inside the site.

6 - In order to create a better cover, the Atomic Energy Organization has set up a front company called Kala-Electric. All of the facilities for this project are pursued through this company. The office of this company is located at 33 Fifteenth Street, Seyed-Jamal-Eddin-Assad Abadi Avenue in Tehran.

7 - The director of this company is an individual by the name of Dawood Agha-Jani who is also the head of Natanz Project. This company follows its dealings with Atomic Energy Organization through the office of Aghazadeh, the Head of AEOI solely.

Arak's Top Secret Nuclear Project
1 - In 1996, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) began the construction of a nuclear facility in Arak's Khondaub region. This is a heavy water project and is seen as a top-secret project within the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI). Dr. Mohammad Qannadi, Deputy for Production of Nuclear Fuel, supervises this project.

2 - This under-construction project is located at:

Qatran Workshop (close to banks of Qara-Chai River)
3 Miles in Arak-Khondaub Hwy.

This project, due to the nature of its activities, requires access to a lot of water and that is why it is located on a river bank.

Senior officials of Arak Province's governor's office have been instructed by the regime's security authorities not to disclose the address and location of this site.

3 - The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), to prevent any leaks from this project, is implementing the plan through a front company, the Mesbah Energy Company, which is affiliated with the AEOI. The company's CEO and the man running this project in the AEOI is Daryoush Sheibani.

4- The Mssbah Energy Company's headquarters is located at:

77 Armaghan Gharbi
Valiasr Ave., Across from Mellat Park

Operational manager for the project is Behnam Asgarpour who is based at the project's site in Khondaub.

5 - Given the clandestine nature of this project, its budget is not supervised by the regime's Organization for Planning and Budget.

6 - It is worth noting that since in the structure of AEOI the Arak's project is not officially included, in the Human resources office of AEOI such entity is not recognized. The reason for this is that some projects enjoy such an importance and sensitivity that are directly overseen by Gholamreza Aghazadeh, the AEOI's chief, and the Security and Intelligence office of the AEOI and the Central Office of Security supervise the bureaucratic operation of such projects. And to make these project untraceable, they are run as an outside company and this is why Arak project is run under the name of Mesbah Energy Company.

Active Atomic Projects
Some of plans and active centers of regime's nuclear programs, which are currently run by AEOI, are:

1 - Busher's nuclear power plant in Busher Province
2 - Arak's secret project in Central Province
3 - Center for Atomic Fuel in Isfahan
4 - Center for Atomic Research in city of Karaj in Tehran Province. In February 9, 2001, the 5 ton steam container in Hall #3 of this center, which is located in Karaj's technology district in Mottahari Ave., exploded. The explosion was due to the fact the fuel system of this device had recently been converted from diesel to natural gas without taking the required safety precautions.
5 - Research center in city of Bonab in East Azerbaijan Province
6 - Saghand research center in the city of Yazd in the Yazd Province
7 - Amirabad center for research and Reactor in city of Tehran

Front Companies for AEOI's programs
1 - Five years ago, the AEOI began establishing front companies in order to be able to advance its technological operation as well dealing with the foreign parties easily without using the AEOI's name. A deputy office under the name of Supervision of Companies was established in AEOI in this regard. Some of these front companies are:

--"Saukht Iran" company
--Mesbah Energy Company
--"Haste Sarayand" Company
--"Kaavosh Yaar" Company
--"Kaan Iran" Company

Isfahan Atomic center and Busher's nuclear plant each use several companies.

2 - All of the domestic and foreign procurements of the Center for Atomic Research (CAR) of the AEOI are done by Kaavosh Yaar Company.

3 - The revenue from sale of liquid nitrogen, which is one of CAR's products, are deposited to the bank account of Saakht Iran Company. This is company hires all contracted and non-official personnel of the AEOI and have them work there as its own employees.

4 - The budget for Kaan Iran Company is deposited into CAR's account by the AEOI and, in turn, CAR deposits this fund into Kaan Iran's account. The salary for many of the AEOI's personnel who work for centers affiliated with the AEOI is paid by Kaan Iran.

Background to Nuclear Activity of the Iranian Regime
Since 1983, the Iranian regime has initiated several strategic nuclear research and technology projects for military purposes and development of nuclear bombs. The Majority of experts of the center for nuclear research of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) have been trained during the course of these projects. And in recent years use of nuclear experts from former Soviet Union has been intensely pursued. Many of these experts have been brought in for training of Iranian personnel and for expert research. A huge budget was dedicated to expansion of atomic research during Hashemi Rafsanjani's presidency.

In a recent closed session of the regime's Supreme National Security Council had said that "access to nuclear bomb is the most important guarantor of our survival and in case of having the bomb, the Western countries will not be able to block penetration and expansion of the Islamic Revolution."

Those very same plans and projects have been pursued by the regime's current president, Mohammad Khatami such that, with present speed, Tehran would be able to do a nuclear test in the next several years, enabling it to possess a nuclear arsenal.

So far, the mullahs have not been able to get the Russians' agreement for installing nuclear warheads on missiles, so they are trying other resources independent of official Russian channels. Nevertheless, several Russian nuclear scientist have been hired on individual basis, including:

1- Alexei Volev (Russian)
2- Veladimir Mirny(Russian)
3- Andrei Lelashnikov (Ukrainian)

Biological and Chemical Arms

In the recent past, including January 26, 1999, in Washington DC, the Iranian Resistance has disclosed the mullahs' regime activities in the area of the chemical and biological warfare and has emphasized that Tehran's production and research for biological warfare is concurrently implemented in four different organs:

A - Special Industries of Defense Ministry
B - The Research Center of the "Construction Crusade" organization which has four affiliated research firms in cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, and Mashad.
C - Imam Hossein University of Revolutionary Guards' Corps, in Tehran
D - Center for biological research under the control of Iran's Organization for Scientific and Technological Research.

2 - We have also said in the past that an advisory group of Khatami affiliated with office of the President, called the Science and Technology Group, is tasked with supervising and management of research centers for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and has recruited many experts from China, North Korea, and Russia. This group under the pretext of research and duel-use technologies purchases its needs from European countries. It is after installing biological warheads over ballistic missiles. We can say with certainty that the mullahs have turned our country into one with highest production level of production and storage of biological weapons in the part of the world.

3 - Since 1999, the chemical offense 24th Bessaat Brigade of the GC has been re-established in much larger scale.

This brigade which was dissolved in the fall off 1990, had used chemical bombs and shells with chemical heads in its Artillery units during the 1980's Iran-Iraq war.

The headquarters of this brigade is in a military barrack base in city of Boroujerd in Lorestan Province. This brigade in June of this year held a training camp for its personnel.

The personnel of this brigade have been briefed that due to current regional situation and sensitivity over the WMD, should refrain from mention the units' complete name and only refer to it as 24 Bessaat unit. The same consideration is followed in all of GC's publications.

Tehran has stored a significant amount of lethal nerve gas such as Tabun, Sarin, Soman, in liquid, vapor, and powder form which in case of their release in the air, could cause death in a matter of few minutes. Cyanide, Phosgene, Tiory Glycol, Sodium Cyanide are produced or imported for chemical and biological weapons as well.

The Organization of Special Industry, run by the Defense Ministry, is one of the agencies involved in producing chemical weapons. This agency which has some 4,000 employees, has a chemical lab named VIRA, and a chemical material storage known as Shahid Meisam, located in the Tehran-Karaj highway.

The Parchin Chemical Industries, associated with the Defense Ministry and located in Varamin, south of Tehran, is another center of chemical and biological weapons of the mullahs' regime. It includes storages and special glass lined vessels to produce lethal gas. Much of the equipment here were aged and corroded, but has been repaired by its Hungarian manufacturer, Lampert and are back in production line.

The so called Imam Hossein University of the Guards Corp, located in northern Tehran, which is involved in chemical and biological technology, has used its scholarships students in western countries, to spy on this technology. One of the projects pursued at this university is to build a fermenter.

The center for chemical research and chemical engineering located 14 kilometers west of Tehran, near Tehran-Karaj highway, is used for a joint research and technological study of the Revolutionary Guards, Defense Ministry, and the Engineering Center of the Ministry of Construction Crusade. The Chinese experts are supervising the research.

Our reports received from inside Iran indicate that another complex near the city of Semnan, is engaged in producing nerve gas. The produced chemicals are then transferred to a facility near the city of Isfahan, which is used to adjust, enhance and boost the range of missiles (including Scud-B missiles). We continue to work on these areas.....