Nuclear: New Revelations on the Iranian Regime Front Companies

February 22, 2007

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National Council of Resistance of Iran

NCRI - This morning in a press conference in Paris, Afchin Alavi, member of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee made new revelations about the nuclear program of the Iranian regime:

By changing the names and addresses of companies, the clerical regime attempts to conceal its activities from the eyes of the IAEA and neutralizing the UN Security Council sanctions.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As you are fully aware, on December 23, 2006, according to Resolution 1737, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on 10 companies and entities that played a direct role in the clerical regime's nuclear and missile programs. Among these companies, four of them were companies that played a direct role in the Iranian regime's nuclear program. (The rest were entities)

According to information that we have received from inside of Iran, I would like to reveal that in a clear violation and in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution, by changing the names and relocating of at least two of these four companies, the mullahs' regime continues to use these companies in its nuclear program.

On the other hand we have found out that in order to expedite its secret nuclear project and in order to deceive and circumvent the UN and relevant international bodies and in order to continue its activities outside of control and inspection of the IAEA, the mullahs' regime has set up dozens of front companies. I will share with you details of five of these companies that have been established recently.

Some of the companies that I will expose today are part of a major company called "Energy Novin" (new energy) that acts as the mother company. The head of Energy Novin that is comprised of about 15 companies is Reza Aghazadeh (Head of Atomic energy Organization of Iran, AEOI and a Vice -President).

Relocation and changing the names of two companies under UN sanctions

1- Farayand Technique Company ( Technology of Centrifuge of Iran company)

In the list of companies and entities that were placed under UN sanctions, Farayand Technique is number five. Subsequent to its inspection by the IAEA, the name of this company was changed to Technology of Centrifuge of Iran Company (TCI). Farayand Technique Company is one of the main companies involved in manufacturing centrifuges. That is the reason for this company was placed under sanctions. The clerical regime changed the address of this company as well and relocated it to a new location in northern Tehran.

The head of this company is Jafar Mohammadi who has taken over Morteza Behdad recently. Jafar Mohammadi is one of the most senior experts in the Iranian regime in the field of manufacturing centrifuges. He was sent on loan from the Ministry of Defense, from the Mechanical Industries section, to Kala-electric Company to supervise the manufacturing of centrifuges. He is the number five of the UN Security Council list of persons involved in the nuclear programme.

In order to conceal its activities, this company has changed its address. Its new address is: Tehran, Saadat Abad, Kaj Square, Sarv Gharbi, Sina Mediacal Building, first floor, unit 8.
As a reminder, the former address of this company that was exposed by the Iranian resistance on August 2006 was: Tehran, Yousef-abad, 37th Street, number 1, third floor.

The factory of this company is located in Isfahan, Zobe-Ahan Highway, after highway police station, Siman Road, Ashtarjan industrial city, Sixth Avenue, building of the board of trustees of the industrial city, number 59.
The sign of the factory reads Farayand Technique.

I have to point out that since the factory has been inspected by the IAEA, the name of the factory and the sign outside of the factory has not been changed, but the name of the company and also its address have changed.

The head of factory in Isfahan is engineer Hassani.
The other members of the Board of Directors of the company are: Morteza Behzad, the Director General, and Seyed Amir Moaeyed Molaie, a member of the Board of Directors.

2- Pars Trash Company ( Rah Avard Kalaey Iran Company)

Pars Trash Company is number four in the UN Security Council list. The existence of this company was revealed by the Iranian Resistance for the first time. Subsequent to inspection of the company and its factory by the IAEA and since the clerical regime expected that the UN Security Council might impose sanctions, it changed the name of this company to Rah Avard Kalaey Iran Company, recently.

Pars Trash was place under the UN sanctions as a company involved in manufacturing parts of centrifuges.

It is very telling that the registration number of Rah Avard Kalaey Iran Company is 67977. This is exactly the registration number of Pars Trash Company.

According to the investigation of the Iranian resistance, the board of directors of the new company are exactly the same individuals of the board of directors of Pars Trash and there has not been any modification or changes in the board of directors.

According to reliable information, in addition to manufacturing parts of P-1 centrifuges, this company manufactures parts of advanced P-2 centrifuges as well.

The head of this company is Agha Zadeh and the head of its Board of Directors is Mohammad Hasssn Allah Dad.

The members of the Board of Directors are: Mohammad Hassan Allah DaD, Abdollah Joudat, and Hossein Akhgari. Mostafa Rouhi-pour is the Chief Inspector and Ali-Akbar Amini Parizi is the Alternate Inspector.

One of the plants of this company is located in Damavand road.

Information on five front companies

The clerical regime has established a vast set of front companies in order to pursue its nuclear goal and objective. Here, I would provide you with specifics of five of these companies that have been obtained by the Iranian Resistance.

3- Tamin Tajhizat Sanayeh Hasteieh ( Providing Equipment of Nuclear Industries- LTD) ( New Company)

This company is engaged in providing equipments needed for the fuel cycle and manufacturing of centrifuges. The registration number of this company is 267335. The head of Board of Directors is Reza Aghazadeh. The first deputy and managing director is Haleh Bakhtiyar.

Members of the Board of Directors are: Jaffar Mohammadi ( the number five in the list of persons put under sanctions according to UN Security Council resolution 1737), Morteza Behzad, Mohsen Sarkho, Amir Moayed Alai, Mehdi Keyvan, Ms. Haleh Bakhtiar. This company is located in Tehran.

4- Shakhes Behbood Sanaat ( indicator of improvement of industry) Company ( New company)

This company is involved in manufacturing equipments and parts that are needed in the fuel cycle. The Head of this company is Reza Aghazadeh and its Executive Director is engineer Samani. Samani is a mechanical engineer and is the head of the UCF plant in Isfahan. The factory of this company is located in Isfahan, Roshan dasht road, kilometer 20.

5- Mohandesi Toseh Sokht Atomi ( Engineering of Expansion of Nuclear Fuel) Company, LTD ( new company).

This company is engaged in the engineering matters of Arak heavy water site and manufacturing parts for heavy water site in Arak. The registration number of the company is 283278. This company with a company called Pishgam that follows the affairs of the Isfahan site, pursue technical matters collectively.
The Head of this company is Reza Aghazadeh. The First Deputy and Head of the Board of Directors is an engineer by the name of Ali Khatami. The other members of the Board of Directors are Mansour Movahed Raad, Javad Karimi, and Ahmad Fayaz-Bakhsh. This company is located in Tehran. The address of this company is: Tehran, Alvand Ave, 37th Street, number 27. The factory of this company is located in the Arak site.

6- Sookht Atomi Reactorhaye Iran (nuclear fuel of Iran's reactors). New Company

This comaony is engaged in management and supervision of construction, utilization, starting up facilities and factories that manufacture nuclear fuel facilities. This company is also involved in training adequate human force. This company's registration number is 225874.The Head of this company is Reza Aghazedeh. His deputy is Mohammad Ghanadi Marageh and the head of Board of Directors is Qassem Tarzi.
The rest of the Board of Directors is: Solat Sanna, and Manouchehr Rooshan. The Chief inspector is Ali Amani and the Alternate Inspector is Mansour Movahed Raad. The address of this company: Tehran, end of Kargar Shomali Ave, 20th Street, Gharghavol alley, number 3.

7- Modieriat Saakht Niroogahaye Atomi Iran (Managemetn of Building of Iran's Nuclear Reactors) (new company)

This company was established in July 2006 and its mandate is the management and implementation of plans for nuclear reactors. This company's registration number is 274811. The Head of this company is Reza Aghazadeh and its Head of Board of Directors is Seyed Hossein Hossein. The other members of the Board of Directors are: Massoud Feyz, Mehdi Farokhi, Ahmad Fayaz Bakhsh, Mahmoud Janatian, Javad Karimi Saabet, Siroos Shirazian, Matin Mohaseb is the Chief Inspector and Siroos Shirazain Khosravi is the Alternate Inspector. The main office of this company is located in Tehran, Argentina Square, Zagros Ave, number 23, third floor.

I have to reiterate that this is only a part of the clerical regime's network of front companies in its secret nuclear program. A major part of mullahs' nuclear programme has been pursued and carried out by the front companies.