After Biden's Afghanistan blunder, is the Iran nuclear deal finally dead?

September 2, 2021

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  • Nuclear


Andrew Latham

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Professor of International Relations, Macalester College


The Hill

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  • Afghanistan

In the aftermath of the fall of Afghanistan, the Biden administration is unlikely to make many concessions that will make it appear weak or incompetent. In short, while anything is possible, it now seems unlikely that the Vienna talks will result in the new JCPOA-plus that the Biden administration set out to negotiate.

But for a moment let’s assume that they do succeed and that a deal is struck in Vienna. What strategic benefits could be expected to flow from a JCPOA 2.0?

First of all, it needs to be said that it is highly unlikely that any deal acceptable to Iran would mitigate in any meaningful way Tehran’s effort to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran has demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to developing such weapons, and has made considerable progress toward that end.


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