The Fourth Nuclear-Weapons-Related Testing Site Located: Another Parchin Site, More Undeclared Nuclear Material Possible

September 7, 2022

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear


David Albright and Sarah Burkhard


Institute for Science and International Security

Golab Dareh Explosive Test Site

The Parchin complex near Tehran contains another Amad Plan site, Golab Dareh, bringing the total there to three. The newly located site is one of four known sites associated with explosive testing of nuclear weapons components and the development of associated, high-speed diagnostic equipment. We have previously discussed Golab Dareh in our reports and book Iran’s Perilous Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons, but we did not know its location until recently, when we obtained the site’s coordinates from officials knowledgeable about the Iran Nuclear Archive. Based on the available information, this site may have conducted tests using uranium, another indication that the number of sites involving undeclared nuclear material may be larger than just the four cases discussed publicly by the International Atomic Energy Agency. 


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