German Authorities Arrest Four Men for Supplying Iran with Heavy Water Reactor Components

August 1, 2012

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  • International Enforcement Actions

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  • Nuclear

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Wisconsin Project Staff

Four men were arrested by German federal authorities in Hamburg, Oldenburg, and Weimar on August 15, 2012, on suspicion of illegally supplying Iran with nuclear reactor components. The home and company of a businessman in Halle were also searched. The suspects are accused of having supplied specialized valves for a heavy water reactor under construction in Iran, which is a violation of German trade law. The transactions allegedly took place in 2010 and 2011 and the suspects appear to have used front companies in Turkey and Azerbaijan to circumvent German law. Three of the suspects, known only as Kianzad Ka., Gholamali Ka., and Hamid Kh., are dual German-Iranian citizens, and a fourth, known as Rudolf M., is a German national. Gholamali Ka., 59, runs a Hamburg-based company specialized in exporting valves and pumps with his son, Kianzad Ka., 25. Rudolf M., 78, is an engineer and owns a Weimar-based plant specialized in custom fittings. An Iranian national identified as Hossein T. met with these men in an effort to fill an order for Modern Industries Technique Company (MITEC), an Iranian company responsible for the design and construction of Iran's IR-40 heavy water reactor near Arak. Iran aims to complete this reactor by 2013.


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