AIF Global Logistics Co. Ltd.

Also Known As: 

AIF Global Logistics
AIF Global Logistics Company Limited
AIF Global Logistics Co. Ltd. (China)
AOF Cargo Logistics Guangzhou Co. Ltd.
AIF Globle Logistics Company Limited

Weapon Program: 

  • Military

Related Country: 

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Macao
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vietnam


Room 1105, Unit A, Building 7, No. 399 (Tian Fu Xin Gu), West Section, Fu Cheng Ave., Gao Xin District, Chengdu, China
Room 2307, No. 360 (Jing Ke Yi Hao) Tian Hui Road, Gao Xin District, Chengdu, China
21FL, Room 2110 Number 122 Tiyu East, Guangzhou, China
No. 1011-1012, Building A, Poly Central Pivot Plaza, No.157 Lin He West Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, China
G26, Room 302, No. 71 Huajing Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510610, China
Room 2501-2508, 25th Floor Hualian Building Number 55 Dongdu Road, Ningbo 315010, China
Room 22F 322 Xianxia Road Singular Mansion, Shanghai 200336, China
Room 2202, 22F Singular Mansion, 322 Xianxia Road, Shanghai 200336, China
Room 2202, 22nd Floor, Xinda Building, No. 322 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China
Room 1001, Tower A, Nanfaxin Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, China
B-1705 Tianjin International Trade Centre Office Tower No. 39, Nanjing Rd., Hexi District, Tianjin, China
1-1803, Furun Center, Southwest of the Intersection of Jiangxi Road and Hefei Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, China
Room 2205-2207, 22F-C, Huanhai Mansion, No. 2, Dong Hai Middle Rd., Qingdao, China
Room 1504A Tower A, Hi-Tech Plaza Phase Ι, Tian'an Cyber Park, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Room 1901-1902, 20A, Gangwan Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China
Room 2306, 23F., No. 29, Donggang N. Rd., Huli District, Xiamen 111111, China
Room 1819, 18F., C2 Building, Fuli Center, Shangpu Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, China
Room 2407, 24F., No. 225, Suhong Middle Road, Xing Hong International Building Sip, Suzhou, China
Room 0801, Layer 8, Unit 2, Building 3, No. 29 Pingyang South Road, Taiyuan, China
Room 608, Development Mansion, Xincheng Avenue, Wenzhou, China
Unit A, 13/F JCG Building 16 Mongkok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Workshop C6, 28/F, TML Tower, No. 3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
International Commerical Centre 422/426 Corner of Strand Road & Botahtaung Pagoda Road, #04-03, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar


+86 400 861 3680
+86 21 6278 1668
+86 138 1736 8923
+86 20 8707 3689


+86 21 6278 3998 (Fax)
+86-20-38370152 (Fax)
+852-23988470 (Fax)
+86-574-87369108 (Fax)
+86-10-64564606 (Fax)
+86-22-58313239 (Fax)
+86-532-85069775 (Fax)
+86-755-22195655 (Fax)
+86-28-85252545 (Fax)
+86-411-39861335 (Fax)
+86-592-8063580 (Fax)
+86-512-66099958 (Fax)
+86-351-3343835 (Fax)
+86-577-88305252 (Fax)

Supplier Web Site:

AIF Logo

A China- and Hong Kong-based freight-forwarding company; according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, supplied or attempted to supply items subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to Pardazan System Namad Arman (PASNA) in Iran.

In 2022, shipped items to Russia including aircraft parts, integrated circuits, and other electronics; in 2021, imported electronics and aircraft parts from Russia on behalf of China-based companies.

In 2021, shipped items to Pakistan including lasers and ultrasound machines; has also made shipments to Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the United States, Vietnam, and reportedly Norway.

Offers shipping services by land, sea, and air; affiliated with Taiwan-based company Air International Freight Co. Ltd.

Operates offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Wenzhou, and Xiamen; established a branch office in Myanmar in 2016.

Claims to have partnerships with airlines based in China, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Qatar, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Registered as distinct legal entities in mainland China and Hong Kong, with the mainland China-registered entity operating as a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-registered entity.

Shares a website with Air International Freight Co. Ltd.; has reportedly used the trade name AOF Cargo Logistics Guangzhou Co. Ltd.

Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2001; registered in mainland China in 2005.


Added on March 2, 2023, to the U.S. Department of Commerce's Entity List of end users subject to heightened export license requirements (with a presumption of denial) due to involvement in proliferation activities or other activities of national security concern.

Date Entered: 

August 24, 2023

Date Last Modified: 

August 24, 2023