Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (BRIUG)

Also Known As: 

Beijing Geological Research Institute (BGRI)

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

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P.O. Box 764, Beijing 100029




View of the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology
Mass spectrometer in operation at BRIUG
Laser analyzer for trace uranium measurement developed at BRIUG
Chinese experts from BRIUG exploring in Iran
Deputy chief of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and BRIUG staff with Reza Amrollahi, Vice President of Iran and president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI)
Part of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC); research on radiometrical and conventional geophysical uranium prospecting methods; carries out geological interpretations throughout China using satellite images; development and design of spectrometers, laser fluorometers for trace uranium analysis, mineral inclusion analyzers, scintillation radon analyzers, scintillation spectrometers, laser analyzers for trace substances, and high and low frequency dielectric separators; research on geological disposal of nuclear waste; possesses scientific equipment including neutron activation analyzers, electron microscopes, electron microprobes, mass spectrometers, X-ray fluoro-spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers, infrared spectrophotometers, ultraviolet spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, laser raman spectrophotometers, fluoro-spectrophotometers, gas chromatography analyzers, fluid chromotography analyzers, image processing system and computer and color plotter systems; established June 1959; conducts scientific exchanges with Iranian and Pakistani nuclear scientists; its experts conducted explorations in Iran; research departments include
- Department of Endogenic Uranium deposits
- Department of Exogenic Uranium deposits
- Department of Mineralogy and Geochemistry
- Department of Isotope Geology
- Department of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration
- Department of Scientific and Technological Information
- Department of Instrument Design
- Department of Airborne Survey and Remote Sensing Geology

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January 26, 2004

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July 20, 2004