Also Known As: 

Belarus Belvneshpromservice; Belvneshprom Service; Republican Foreign Trade Enterprise Belvneshpromservis

Weapon Program: 

  • Military

Exporting Country: 



- 2 Kasinets Str., Minsk 220099, Belarus
- ul. Kazintsa, 4, Minsk, Belarus


(375-17) 278-32-26; (375-17) 224-89-43


(375-17) 278-32-26; (375-17) 224-44-73


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Sanctioned (with all successors, sub-units, or subsidiaries) by the United States on September 23, 2004 and April 1, 2004 under the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000, for transferring to Iran equipment and/or technology of proliferation significance since January 1, 1999; one of four state companies permitted under Belarusian law to export a wide variety of arms and equipment; lists a wide variety of products, including air defense missile and gun systems, military aircraft, armored vehicles, antitank guided missile systems, mortars, grenade launchers, multiple launch rocket systems, optical and military communications equipment, firearms and ammunition; manufactures mortars, smoke grenade armor protection systems, silencers and practice bombs; upgrades MiG and Su combat planes, air defense missile systems and radars, and armored vehicles.

Date Entered: 

May 18, 2004

Date Last Modified: 

December 16, 2004