D. V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus

Also Known As: 

NIIEFA; NIIEFA Imeni Yefremova

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Exporting Country: 



1 Sovetsky Prospekt, Metallostroi, Saint Petersburg 189631



Carbon dioxide laser at NIIEFA

Developed the "Tokamak" controlled thermonuclear fusion installation, and has participated in the building of all large accelerator, laser and thermonuclear fusion installations in the former Soviet Union; formerly part of NPO Elektrofizika and subordinate to the Ministry of Atomic Power; state-controlled firm established in 1945; manufacture of nuclear reactors and particle accelerators, lasers, electric motors, and generators for steam and gas turbines; development of electrophysical equipment, including machines used for research in nuclear physics, high energy physics, and controlled thermonuclear fusion; research and development of cyclic accelerators, high voltage accelerators, linear accelerators, high current pulsed accelerators, laser techniques and technology, and technical superconductivity; development of several kinds of laser machines; its Science and Technology Center of Microtechnology reportedly agreed to sell a laser isotope enrichment technology to Iran, but the deal was scrapped in early 2001.

Date Entered: 

January 26, 2004

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March 19, 2004