Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Center on Nuclear Power Plants Safety

Also Known As: 

Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Center for NPP Safety
Elektrogorsk Scientific Research Center for Atomic Power Plant Safety
Elektrogorsk Scientific-Research Center for Security of Atomic Power Stations
Electrogorsk Research & Engineering Center on NPPs Safety
Elektrogorsk Science Research Center for Nuclear Power Plant Safety

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

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- Bezymyannaya St.6, Electrogorsk, Moscow Region, 142530 Russia
- 142530 Moscow Oblast, Pavlo-Posadskiy Rayon, Elektrogorsk, Bezymyannaya Street, 6


(243) 33074


(243) 31235

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Designs equipment for nuclear power plants, including electrical equipment, thermo-mechanical equipment, instrumentation, information-measuring systems, water chemistry systems, safety and automatic control systems, and control, monitoring and automation systems; built an automated process control system for the 1st unit of Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant; operates test beds for research on the design and operation of equipment for nuclear power plants; facilities include a complex of thermo-hydraulic, process, water chemistry and automated process control system testbeds; Vladimir Nikolaevich Blinkov is general director; is a subsidiary of Atomenergoproekt OJSC; previously known as Experimental Research Laboratory (ERL) and as Electrogorsk Research and Testing Station; established in 1956.

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March 2, 2011

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March 2, 2011