Fulya Kalafatoglu Oguzturk

Also Known As: 

Macide Fulya Kalafatoglu
Fulya Oguzturk Kalafatoglu
Fulya Kalafatoglu

Weapon Program: 

  • Military


Barajyolu Cd Yenisehir Mh Sinpas Koruk Konutlari No 40, Sogut Blok D1, Istanbul, Turkey


+90 532 6116181

Was involved in the transfer of U.S.-origin items to Iran for use by the Iranian military.

Serves on the board of Ramor Group, a Turkish company that has also been involved in the transfer of U.S.-origin items to the Iranian military; specializes in transaction sourcing, international finance, and market research.


Added on January 10, 2017, to the U.S. Entity List of end users subject to heightened export license requirements due to involvement in proliferation activities or other activities of national security concern.

Date Entered: 

February 28, 2017

Date Last Modified: 

February 28, 2017