Heli-Ocean Technology Co., Ltd.

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Heli-Ocean Technology
Heli-Ocean Tech.

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  • Military

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- 2F.-9, No.36, Taiyuan St., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, 30265
- 2F-10, No.36, Tai Tuen Street, Chu-Pei, Hsin Chu 302 Taiwan
- 2F-10, No. 36, Tai Yuen Street, Chu-Pei City, Hsin Chu 302, Taiwan, R.O.C.
- Chu-Pei 302, Taiwan


+886-3-620-6889; +886 3 5634539


+886-3-620-6869; +886 3 5781069


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Supplies and services vacuum components; serves as agent for vacuum component manufacturers, including Inficon (Switzerland); reportedly shipped 108 Inficon pressure transducers to Moshever Sanat Moaser company in Iran in March 2009 at the order of Roc-Master Manufacture and Supply Company in China; Roc-Master reportedly initially ordered the pressure transducers on January 24, 2009 for delivery to its Shanghai base, but then revised the purchase order, changing the delivery destination to Tehran and increasing the payment to Heli-Ocean from $112,303 to $145,800; Heli-Ocean reportedly received an email from Roc-Master in February 2009, assuring that the pressure transducers were not for Iran's nuclear industry, but that Chinese law prohibited their shipment from China to Iran.

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, an investigation by the Ministry's Bureau of Foreign Trade found that the shipment was not an export violation because at the time it occurred the parts involved were not included on Taiwan's Strategic High-Tech Commodities list; president, Steve Lin; sales manager, Martin Lin.

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April 30, 2010

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April 30, 2010