Laura Wang-Woodford

Also Known As: 

Wang-Woodford, Laura
Laura Wang Woodford
Laura Woodford

Weapon Program: 

  • Military

Exporting Country: 

Singapore; Malaysia


1 Scotts Rd. Suite #25-06, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208 (Monarch Aviation Pte Ltd.)
237, Arcadia Rd. #01-03, Block B, The Arcadia, Singapore 289844 (Home)
77 Hillside Court, Edwards, CO 81632
P.O. Box 2108, Edwards, CO 81632


(65) 67339522 (Monarch Aviation Pte Ltd.)
(65) 6466 4992 (Home)
(970) 926-5399 (Colorado)


(65) 67376656 (Monarch Aviation Pte. Ltd)
(970) 926-5388 (Colorado)


On November 5, 2009, sentenced to 46 months in prison, a $12,500 fine, and ordered to forfeit $500,000 after pleading guilty to one count of conspiring to violate export controls in connection with a 21-count U.S. federal grand jury indictment; Brian Woodford, her husband, (from whom she is allegedly separated), was also targeted by the indictment; between January 1998 and December 2007, the pair allegedly exported U.S. aircraft parts listed on the U.S. Commerce Control List (CCL), including aircraft shields, shears, "o" rings, and switch assemblies, from the United States to Monarch Aviation Pte. Ltd and Jungda International Pte. Ltd in Singapore and Malaysia, causing Monarch, Jungda, and other entities to be falsely listed as the ultimate recipients, and then re-exported the commodities to Iran without the required U.S. government authorizations.

Between January 1998 and February 2000, the pair allegedly arranged for the illegal export of U.S. military aircraft parts listed on the United States Munitions List from the United States to Singapore without the required U.S. State Department authorization, specifically bevel gears and three vane assemblies designed for Chinook military helicopters; the pair allegedly caused a U.S. company to mis-describe the Munitions List items on the shipping documents as civilian aircraft parts not requiring a U.S. export license; at the time of her arrest, upon arrival from China, was allegedly carrying two merchandise catalogues from the China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CPMIEC), a U.S.-designated Weapons of Mass Destruction proliferator with which all United States persons and entities are prohibited to engage in business; allegedly a director of Monarch Aviation; allegedly operated Jungda International, the Singapore-based successor to Monarch Aviation which allegedly dealt with IACI (Iran Aircraft Industries) and IHSRC (Iran Helicopter Support Repair Center).

Naturalized citizen of the United States, holding both United States (#219594063) and United Kingdom (#761237883) passports; born on August 12, 1944, in Chungking, China; Social Security #461-11-7347, Texas Driver's License #07863176.

Date Entered: 

February 3, 2010

Date Last Modified: 

February 3, 2010