Prometey Central Scientific Research Institute of Structural Materials

Also Known As: 

TsNII Konstruktsionnykh Materialov (TsNIIKM) "Prometey"; TsNIIMS; Central Research Institute of Construction Materials

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

Exporting Country: 



Ulitsa Shpalernaya, 49, St. Petersburg 193015

Listed by the Russian Government in July 1996 as an enterprise of the Russian defense complex, "privatization of which is prohibited;" conducts heavy armor research and development and metallurgical research for shipbuilding; development of titanium alloy for submarine hull construction, non-magnetic steels and alloys for anti-submarine vessels, high-strength hull steels, advanced propulsion system materials, and aluminum alloys; development of titanium alloys for machinery system applications; formerly subordinate to the Ministry of the Shipbuilding Industry; state-controlled firm established 1939; technologies employed include working with titanium and other alloys using vacuum-arc and electroslag processes; process for rolling beryllium between two sheets of steel; possesses an argon gas-flow meter for welding, and an argon-filled chamber to work on titanium submarine hulls; development of composites, coatings, and plastics; and development of porous amorphous materials able to withstand high temperatures, which are used as flexible radar absorption material; has two underground facilities -- a main one beneath Aleksandr Nevskiy Monastery Museum and another in the area between Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya and Ulitsa Krasnovo Tekstil'shchika, possibly contiguous with the Nevskiy complex.

- Materials and Power Plants Safety Research and Production Complex Development of basic and welding materials as well as technologies for production of equipment for nuclear power units, including Russian Naval shipborne and submarine-borne nuclear power plants; developed materials for space-based nuclear power units; provides metals research support for production of basic equipment for the nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran.

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March 25, 2004

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March 25, 2004