Samara Science and Technical Complex

Also Known As: 

  • NPO Trud
  • GNPO Trud
  • Kuznetsov Design Bureau
  • Kuznetsov Scientific and Technical Complex of Samara
  • Kuybyshev Engine Design Bureau (KKBM)
  • Samara Science and Technical Complex named after N.O. Kuznetsov
  • Trud State Scientific Production Association
  • N.D. Kuznetsov Scientific and Technical Complex of Samara JSC
  • JSC N.D. Kuznetsov Company Samara Scientific and Technical Complex (SSTC)
  • OAO SNTK "Engines NK"

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

Exporting Country: 



2a South Lazo Street, Samara 443026


7-8462-500-228, 504-551, 007-8462-500229, 007-8462-507000, 007-8462-507201


7-8462-501-211; 503-979


NK-39 liquid propellant rocket engine manufactured by NPO Trud
NK-39K liquid propellant rocket engine manufactured by NPO Trud

Listed in the context of assistance to Iran's missile program in a July 2005 early warning document distributed by the German government to industry; one of Russia's major aircraft engine design bureaus; specializes in design of high-power engines for transport and bomber aircraft; designed NK-series engines for the Tu-160 "Blackjack" bomber, Tu-155 testbed aircraft, Tu-95 "Bear" bomber, and transport aircraft; development and manufacture of NK-39 (upper stage) and NK-39K (first stage) launch vehicle liquid propellant rocket engines; many of its engines were serially produced by the Frunze Machine-Building Production Association, also in Samara.

Reportedly sold its liquid-propellant engines left over from the failed N-1 Moon rocket program; has reportedly been involved in Iran's Shahab-3 missile program, and was reportedly prevented by Russian officials from transferring liquid-fuel missile components, disguised as gas compressors or pumps;

Formerly overseen by the Ministry of the Aviation Industry; state-controlled joint stock company established in 1946; part of the financial-industrial group "Engines NK," which was established on March 20, 1997 and also includes Samara enterprises Motor-builder (Motorostroit'el'), Metallist-Samara, and SKBM, Kazan enterprises KMPL and Aviamotor, and others.

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January 26, 2004

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June 18, 2007