Sukhoi Design Bureau Aviation Scientific Industrial Complex

Also Known As: 

Aviatsionnyy Nauchnopromyshlennyy Kompleks (ANPK); OKB Sukhogo; Sukhoy Design Bureau; OKB imemi P.O. Sukhogo; Sukhoi Aviation Military Production Corporation (AVPK)

Weapon Program: 

  • Military

Exporting Country: 



23a Ulitsa Polikarpova, Moscow 125284





Su-30K aircraft manufactured by the Sukhoi Design Bureau

Design of the Su-27 interceptor, Su-24 light bomber, and Su-25 ground attack aircraft; design of the Su-35 advanced interceptor, the Su-37 multi-role aircraft and the Su-32 advanced tactical fighter; development of the experimental Mach 3 T-100 intercontinental strategic bomber.

Has expertise in computer-aided design (CAD), carbon graphite composites, and alloy metallurgy; formerly overseen by the Ministry of Aviation Industry; has supplied combat aircraft to India, China, Iraq, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Syria, Algeria, South Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Angola, and Ethiopia; state-controlled firm established 1939.

Date Entered: 

January 26, 2004

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March 24, 2004