Techsnabexport Foreign Economic Joint Stock Company

Also Known As: 

All-Union Association Techsnabexport; Tenex

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Exporting Country: 



26 Staromonetnyi, Moscow 109180


095-239-47-98; 095-239-26-83


095-230-26-38, 095-953-08-20

Reportedly exported radioactive tritium gas to the Tehran Nuclear Research Center in 1998.

Sate-owned company overseen by the former Minatom, which was reorganized in March 2004 as the Russian Federation Federal Agency for Atomic Energy (Rosatom); exports goods and services produced by enterprises of the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy, and imports technological, medical and other equipment; supplies uranium products, including natural U3O8 and UF6, enriched UF6, UO2, depleted uranium metal and enriched uranium metal for research reactors; provides uranium enrichment and U3O8 conversion services; permitted to export tritium, plutonium, deuterium and uranium; supplies a variety of radiopharmaceutical medications and other isotope products; exports particle accelerators, irradiating, dosimetric, radiometric and defectoscopic equipment, lead glass and rare earth metals and alloys; has offered for sale cyclotrons, gadolinium oxide and nitrate, heavy water, ionization chambers, mass spectrometers, nuclear research reactors, zirconium and zircaloy; provides services related to the management of irradiated nuclear reactor fuel, and reprocessing of contaminated radioactive metals, metal structures and equipment.

Executive agency of the Russian government responsible for implementing the HEU-LEU program of the U.S. and Russian governments for converting highly-enriched uranium from nuclear warheads into power reactor fuel; established in 1963.

Date Entered: 

January 26, 2004

Date Last Modified: 

September 8, 2004