Kamran Daneshju

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear
  • Missile

Was involved in Iran's nuclear weapons program; served as a project head in the Amad Plan, a pre-2004 Iranian program to develop nuclear weapons.

Head of Project 111, a part of the Amad Plan that worked to integrate a possible nuclear weapon into the reentry vehicle of a Shahab-3 missile; the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requested information to clarify Daneshju's role in missile warhead development studies; reportedly has been affiliated with a secret program overseen by the Iranian Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) to develop nuclear weapons; reportedly has been affiliated with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI); continues to work for the Iranian government.

Served as Iran's Science, Research, and Technology Minister from 2009 to 2013; as minister, implemented policies at Iranian universities that provided advantages for admittance to members of the Basij, an Iranian militia subordinate to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC); as minister, also reportedly cooperated with Iran's Ministry of Intelligence to vet applicants to Iranian universities.

In 2012, reportedly attended the launch of the Navid-e Elm-o Sanat satellite and the signing of a scientific and technological cooperation agreement between Iran and North Korea.

A professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST); has conducted research on long-rod penetration, random vibration analysis, satellite structural design and analysis, sound transmission through orthotropic cylindrical shells, and the structure of electromagnetic launchers; has reportedly also conducted research on railguns.

Has been involved with the Passive Defense Organization (PDO); reportedly a former governor of Tehran Province and a former member of the board of trustees of Tarbiat Modarres University (TMU); reportedly a former employee of the Center for Aviation Technology in Tehran.

Reportedly holds a doctorate in mechanical aerospace engineering; studied in the United Kingdom.

Born on July 5, 1957, in Damavand, Iran.


Listed by the European Union on December 1, 2011, as a person linked to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran's development of nuclear weapon delivery systems; with some exceptions, EU member states must freeze all assets owned or controlled by the person, directly or indirectly, and prevent assets from being made available to the person; with some exceptions, EU member states must also prevent the person's entry into or transit through their territories.

Added on March 16, 2020, to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entity List of end users subject to heightened export license requirements due to involvement in proliferation activities or other activities of national security concern.

Sanctioned by the governments of Australia and Canada, restricting business and financial transactions with the person and/or freezing the person's assets in those countries.

Date Entered: 

May 2, 2011

Date Last Modified: 

April 14, 2020