Mavadkaran Engineering Company

Also Known As: 

- Mavadkaran Jahed Noavar Engineering Company
- Mavad Karan Company
- Mohandesi Mavad Karan

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear
  • Military


- Souliran st., Km 16 Karaj Road, P.O. Box 13445-556, Tehran, Iran
- Jahad Sazandegi Eng. Research Center, Akamfelez St., Km.16 Karaj Old Road. Tehran, Iran
P.O. Box 13445-556, Tehran, Iran
- Next to Parto Co. Mapna St., 7km Malard Blvd, Karaj, Iran


+98 21 66282123, +98 (262) 3362070, (021) 66282274, (0262) 3362274, (0262) 3362273, 0252-3362070-7, (0262) 3362070 - 77, (0262) 3362123, (+98-2657) 62273, (+98-2657) 62272, +98 26 36647710


(0262) 3362122, +98 21 66282122, +98 (262) 3362122, (+98-2657) 62122, 0262-33622122, +98 26 36647706


Entity Web Site:

A subsidiary of Mapna Group; designated by the Canadian government in July 2010 as an entity contributing to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or to its development of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or their delivery systems; designation prohibits Canadian parties from providing goods or financial services to the entity or dealing in property held by it; listed by the Japanese government in 2013 as an entity of concern for proliferation relating to nuclear weapons; listed by the British government in 2013 as an entity of potential concern for WMD-related procurement.

A subsidiary of Mapna Group; intended recipient of a vacuum induction furnace (for casting), the procurement of which (through Seihawi Trading Company) was denied by a member state of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG); intended recipient of a vacuum induction furnace, the procurement of which was denied in 2002 by a member state of the NSG.

Manufactures gas turbine blade parts for land-based gas turbine engines; turbine blade division equipped with a wax injection machine, a ceramic shell molding shop, a melting and casting shop, a heat treatment and coating shop, a dimensional checking shop, and precision machining facilities, including creep feed grinding machines, electrical discharge machines (EDM), shot peen, and EDM wire cut; also possesses a universal testing machine, hardness testing machines, a pendulum impact testing machine, a fatigue testing machine, a creep test machine, a chemical analysis lab, equipment for microstructure evaluation, and equipment for nondestructive evaluation; manufactures products for the power, automotive, oil, gas, ship manufacturing, and metalworking industries.

Clients include Kalayeh Naft (Kala Naft), Razi Metallurgy Research Center, AMA Company, Arak Petrochemical Company, Iran Khodro Co., Sadra Co., Iran Gas National Company, Tavanir Organization, Iran Power Station Industries Development, Sadid Industrial Company, Hadid Industrial Company, and Sharif University of Technology Advanced Systems Research Institute; has a reverse engineering department and a manufacturing and production department.

Company officials reportedly include M. Dorpoush (foreign trade manager); established in 1983.

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September 3, 2010

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September 8, 2014