Mechanical Industry

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile


Abali Road/Azmayesh Junction, Tehran

Part of Defense Industries Organization (DIO); has participated in the production of components for Iran's ballistic missile program.

Reportedly involved in the development of the Ababil drone in coordination with Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (IAMI); according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in 2002 the complex was involved in the manufacture of bodies, parts and sub-systems for Shahab missiles.

Company officials have included Brig. Gen. Reza Rahimi Tari (chairman), S. Razi Shobeiri, Ali Mohammadi, and Sam Esmaili; former officials reportedly include Mohammad Ali Torabian (deputy director).


Listed by the European Union on June 24, 2008 as an entity linked to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran's development of nuclear weapon delivery systems; with some exceptions, and within their jurisdiction, European Union member states must freeze all funds and economic resources owned, held or controlled by the listed entity, and must also ensure that funds or economic resources are not made available to or for the benefit of the listed entity.

Sanctioned by the governments of Australia, Canada, Norway, South Korea, and Switzerland, restricting business and financial transactions with the entity and/or freezing its assets in those countries.

Listed by the Japanese government in 2019 as an entity of concern for proliferation relating to missiles.

Listed by the British government in 2011 as an entity of potential concern for WMD-related procurement, but removed in 2017 after the U.K. withdrew its Iran list; identified by the British government in February 1998 as having procured goods and/or technology for weapons of mass destruction programs.

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January 26, 2004

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June 27, 2019