Iran: EU Adopts Additional Sanctions Against Perpetrators of Serious Human Rights Violations

November 14, 2022

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The Council today added 29 individuals and three entities to the list of those subject to restrictive measures in the context of the existing Iran human rights sanctions regime. This is in view of their role in the death of Mahsa Amini and the violent response to the recent demonstrations in Iran.

The EU strongly condemns the unacceptable violent crackdown of protesters. We stand with the Iranian people and support their right to protest peacefully and voice their demands and views freely. We are today imposing additional sanctions on those responsible for the suppression of the Iranian protestors.

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Today’s designations include: the four members of the squad that arbitrarily arrested Mahsa Amini, provincial heads of the Iranian Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) and of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), as well as Brigadier General Kiyumars Heidari, the Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces, for their role in the brutal repression of the recent protests. In addition, the EU designates Iranian state television broadcaster Press TV responsible for producing and broadcasting the forced confessions of detainees. Moreover, the EU lists Vahid Mohammad Naser Majid, the head of the Iranian Cyber Police for his responsibility in arbitrarily arresting people for expressing online criticism of the Iranian regime. Lastly the EU also designated Iran’s Minister of Interior, Ahmad Vahidi, who is also in charge of the LEF, which have committed serious human rights violations.

The measures imposed today consist of a travel ban and an asset freeze. In addition, EU citizens and companies are forbidden from making funds available to the listed individuals and entities. The Iran human rights sanctions regime also includes a ban on exports to Iran of equipment which might be used for internal repression and of equipment for monitoring telecommunications.

The list of those subject to EU restrictive measures in the context of the existing Iran human rights sanctions regime now comprises a total of 126 individuals and 11 entities.

The European Union and its member states condemn the continued widespread and disproportionate use of force against peaceful protestors. This is unjustifiable and unacceptable. People in Iran, as anywhere else, have the right to peacefully protest and this right must be ensured in all circumstances.

The EU urges Iran to immediately stop the violent crackdown against peaceful protesters, to free those detained, and to ensure the free flow of information, including internet access. Furthermore, the EU urges Iran to clarify the number of deaths and arrested, to hold those responsible accountable and provide due process to all detainees. The killing of Mahsa Amini must be also investigated in an independent and transparent manner and any proved responsible for her death must be held accountable.