Shahrood University of Technology (SUT)

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دانشگاه صنعتی شاهرود

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  • Nuclear
  • Missile
  • Military

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  • Canada
  • India
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


P.O. Box 3619995161, Shahrood, Iran
7 Tir Square, Shahrood, Iran


+98 23 32394931


+98 (23) 32390730


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An Iranian technical university that has supported research relevant to Iran's nuclear program, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Faculty has collaborated with the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), part of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), on research into equipment for a NSTRI particle accelerator and fuel rods for an experimental nuclear reactor; faculty has studied an AEOI-designed ionization chamber, plates used in the design and manufacture of nuclear reactors, and nuclear batteries, which have military applications; has worked with Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) to develop devices for nuclear medicine at the behest of an AEOI subsidiary.

In cooperation with Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), faculty has conducted research on cylindrical shells used in missile airframes and aircraft fuselages; faculty has studied heat transfer on conical shells with applications in rockets and missiles and hydrodynamic behaviors relevant to the construction of missiles, submarines, and torpedoes.

In collaboration with Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and a scientist at Imperial College London in 2019, faculty researched fuel injection systems for a two-stroke UAV engine; in 2023, faculty conducted research on UAV communication and positioning in collaboration with a scientist at a university in Canada; in 2016, researchers studied UAV actuators and sensors in cooperation with scientists at universities in the United States.

In 2016, organized an exhibition of Iranian nuclear technology in cooperation with the AEOI; in 2012, hosted a lecture by a NSTRI official on nuclear fusion.

Has 16 faculties, including a faculty of chemical and materials engineering and a faculty of physics and nuclear engineering; operates a laboratory dedicated to metallurgy and a laboratory for nuclear physics, which the AEOI has overseen.

Has 305 faculty members and 11,000 students.

President is Morteza Izadifard, who has also served as dean of the faculty of physics and nuclear engineering.

Established in 1973.

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September 27, 2023

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