British Couple Supplied Parts for Iran's Nuclear Program

October 29, 2018


Izzy Lyons



Related Country: 

  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

British couple Paul and Iris Attwater smuggled aircraft parts with nuclear and military applications to Alexander George in Malaysia, who supplied the parts to Iran. The Attwaters used their company, Pairs Aviation, to supply George, who acted as a broker between the couple and Iranian buyers. George held multiple contracts for the supply of plane and helicopter components with Iranian aviation firms and used companies he owned in Malaysia and Dubai to facilitate this supply. The couple was aware of the need for a license to export some of the components after a 2009 shipment was impounded. However, the couple continued to supply the same components to George, via a freight forwarder in the Netherlands. The couple was found guilty and received a suspended sentence. George was found guilty and is due to be sentenced next month.