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September 30, 2022
This month’s newsletter features an update to a table of Iran’s nuclear facilities, including the addition of several undeclared sites where the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) discovered uranium particles.
Weapon Program Background Report
September 29, 2022
Iran possesses thousands of gas centrifuges that are the mainstay of its nuclear program. Gas centrifuges spin uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6) to separate uranium isotopes suitable for nuclear fuel, a process known as uranium enrichment.[1] The number and capacity of these machines determine Iran’s "breakout" time: how long it would take Iran—i
Weapon Program Background Report
September 16, 2022
Iran operates dozens of facilities across the nuclear fuel cycle. This table lists Iran’s known and alleged nuclear sites and their purpose, location, and operating status.
August 31, 2022
This month’s newsletter features an analysis of the British Royal Navy’s seizure earlier this year of a weapons shipment headed for Yemen.
International Enforcement Actions
August 26, 2022
In early 2022, a British Royal Navy ship intercepted small boats carrying weaponry in international waters south of Iran. The evidence strongly suggests that the weapons came from Iran, but a deeper investigation also points to companies based in several other countries that enabled Iran to acquire the components in the first place.
July 29, 2022
This month’s newsletter features updates to a table tracking the capabilities of Iran’s missile arsenal and to a report estimating how quickly Iran could enrich enough uranium to fuel a small nuclear arsenal. The missile table includes new details gleaned from a December 2021 military exercise.
Weapon Program Background Report
July 27, 2022
Iran’s missile arsenal is the largest in the Middle East. This table sets forth what is publicly known, claimed, or estimated about the capabilities of Iran's missiles that are most likely to be used either as nuclear-weapon delivery vehicles or for conventional strikes against high-payoff targets, such as bases or infrastructure.
Articles and Reports
July 21, 2022
Iran has installed several cascades of more powerful centrifuge models in production lines, where they have steadily increased both the size and enrichment level of Iran's uranium stockpile. This progress increases the risk of secret sites – permitting them to be smaller and easier to hide. Iran has used such sites to carry out illicit activity in...
June 30, 2022
This month’s newsletter features an update to a timeline tracking milestones in Iran’s missile program as well as an update to the table detailing Iran’s centrifuge models and status. New entries to the missile timeline include the unveiling of a new solid-fueled ballistic missile as well as a March 2022 ballistic missile attack against a compound...
Weapon Program Background Report
June 29, 2022
Since March 2020, Iran has successfully launched two new, multi-stage space launch vehicles, announced the development of new ballistic and cruise missiles, unveiled underground missile launch facilities, and tested its missiles in a series of military exercises.