GCC Secretary General on Nuclear Energy

December 12, 2006


Riyadh Al-Ikhbariya Satellite Channel (in Arabic)

In an interview, GCC Secretary General Abd-al-Rahman al-Atiyah summarized the conclusions related to regional nuclear energy development at a recent GCC summit: "We intend to study the project for a nuclear program to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. As GCC secretary general I am proud that this project has come at an important stage. Now according to international standards, and within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency - and we are a party to the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty - I believe that we have placed ourselves in the correct position, especially with regard to the peaceful use [of nuclear energy]." "Special Encounter" program with Rima al-Shamikh, Riyadh Al-Ikhbariyah Satellite Channel in Arabic, 12-12-06.