Iranian National Pleads Guilty in Plot to Illegally Export Missile Components and Radio Tests Sets to Iran

May 31, 2011


Press Release, U.S. Department of Justice

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  • United Arab Emirates

Davoud Baniameri, a California resident and Iranian national, pleaded guilty to illegally exporting radio test sets to Iran, via Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Baniameri also pleaded guilty to attempting to illegally export connector adapters for the TOW and TOW2 missile systems to Iran, also via Dubai. Also charged in the case was Andro Telemi, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iran who has been released and is awaiting trial in the United States. Telemi allegedly assisted Baniameri with the attempted purchase of the connector adapters. The materials in question were allegedly intended for a second co-defendant, Syed Majid Mousavi, an Iranian citizen who remains at large and is believed to be living in Iran.