Russia Deploys ‘Albatross’ Made in Iran-backed Drone Factory

July 6, 2023


Chris Cook, Max Seddon, Anastasia Stognei, Felicia Schwartz, and Nikolaj Houmann Mortensen


Financial Times

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The Alabuga special economic zone business park, where the United States has said Russia and Iran are working together to establish an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) factory, has begun recruiting drone engineers and Farsi speakers. Albatross, a Russian agricultural drone manufacturer, has already inaugurated a production facility at the same site and has supplied 50 M5 reconnaissance drones to the Russian military. Among its suppliers is Alabuga-Fiber, a carbon fiber producer that operates in the same business park and that is sanctioned by the United States. Albatross also claims to import parts from China and advertises equipment made by U.S., European, and Asian companies.