Sydney Couple Accused of Breaching U.N. Sanctions with Nickel Exports to Iran

February 6, 2018


Andrew Greene, Meredith Griffiths


Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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An Australian couple has been charged with violating U.N. sanctions by sending two shipments of nickel alloy to Iran in 2009 and 2010. Co-defendants Khosrow Sajjadi and Sima Aghili Nategh of Epping, Australia allegedly sold the material, which has nuclear applications, to Dubai-based company HICO Fze. According to court documents, Ms. Aghili Nategh told Australian supplier Speciality Alloys Pty Ltd that the material was intended for a Dutch company for gas and steam turbine production. Instead, the material was transferred to Bandar Abbas, Iran. Both defendants are out on bail and awaiting plea negotiations.