U.N. Panel of Experts Concludes Iran's October 10 Missile Test Violated U.N. Ban

December 15, 2015


Louis Charbonneau



Iran's October 10 ballistic missile test violated a U.N. Security Council resolution, according to a confidential report issued by the U.N.'s Iran Sanctions Committee's Panel of Experts.  The panel's report concluded that the launch of the medium-range Emad missile violated U.N. Security Council resolution 1929.  The resolution bans Iranian launches of ballistic missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead, which the panel considers to be missiles with a range of at least 300 km that are capable of delivering a 500 kg payload.  The panel assessed that the Emad has a range of at least 1,000 km and a payload capacity of at least 1,000 kg.