U.S. Says Iran Drone Struck an Oil Tanker Near India

December 23, 2023


Benoit Faucon and Gordon Lubold


Wall Street Journal

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  • India
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Liberia
  • Netherlands
  • Yemen

The United States said a one-way attack drone that struck a chemical tanker in the Indian Ocean was launched from Iran. The tanker, the Chem Pluto, is flagged in Liberia but is owned by the Japanese company Rio Brilliante and managed by the Netherlands-based Ace-Quantum Chemical Tankers, which is connected to Israeli businessman Idan Ofer. Iran declined to comment on the attack. The Houthis, an Iranian allay that has recently attacked commercial ships in the Red Sea, neither denied nor confirmed involvement, though the attack took place nearly out of range of drones known to be possessed by the Houthis in Yemen.