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Speeches and Testimony
April 10, 1997
I am pleased to appear today before this distinguished Subcommittee, which has asked me to discuss China's role in the spread of weapons of mass destruction. I have been asked to respond to two questions: First, how effective is our present "engagement" policy toward China; second, is the executive branch implementing the U.S. law concerning...
Speeches and Testimony
March 20, 1996
I would like to begin with the idea of "rogue nations"--now thought to include Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea. This is a new term that the Clinton administration has coined to define the proliferation problem, and to restrict it to these four countries. Unfortunately, it ignores a lot of proliferation. China is a very serious proliferation...
Speeches and Testimony
June 29, 1993
In roughly one month, we will pass the third anniversary of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. If Iraq had not invaded Kuwait, it is very likely that Saddam Hussein would be passing a different milestone about now: he would be assembling his first atomic bomb. Two former U.N. inspectors, David Kay and Jay Davis, have estimated that at the time of the...