Featured Suppliers

This page contains profiles of Iran's suppliers researched and written by the Wisconsin Project. These entities -- persons, companies, governments -- are thought to have supplied technology, equipment, material, or expertise to Iran that would enhance Iran's ability to construct nuclear, chemical, biological or advanced conventional weapons or long-range missiles. Many of the entities have been explicitly identified by governments as contributing to these programs.

The suppliers on this page are those the Wisconsin Project has chosen to feature.  For a full list of suppliers on Iran Watch, see the "Alphabetical List of Suppliers."

The Wisconsin Project believes this information to be reliable; however, the Wisconsin Project does not guarantee full accuracy or completeness. The Wisconsin Project invites comment on this information that could aid in presenting a full and accurate picture of the entity described.


A China-based exporter of chemicals and related equipment; determined by the U.S. Department of State to warrant the imposition of sanctions for supporting proliferation-related transfers to or acquisitions by Iran, Syria, or North Korea; has transferred sensitive technology and items to Iran's missile program, according to the U.S. Department of State.